BCPS Summer Leadership Academy: Day 3

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Digital Age Learning Culture


Frequent and Effective Use of Technology for Learning
     Mile Guide (complete version)
     Defining Technology Integration (Making Technology Standards Work for  
        You, p. 79)
     Critical Technology Issues for School Leaders (New Literacies, Engaging
        Teachers and Students)
Concurrent Sessions
     Instructional Innovation
          School and District Support for Risk Taking (Making Technology Standards
             Work for You, p. 42)
     Learner-Centered Environments
          Curriculum Maps
          Walk Through Observations of Classroom Technology Use (Making
             Technology Standards Work for You, p. 86-7)
          Meeting the Needs of Diverse Learners (Making Technology Standards
             Work for You, p. 94-6)
Recognizing and Supporting Effective Technology-Supported Instruction
     Understanding Change and Technology Implementation (Making Technology
        Standards Work for You, p. 43)
Action Planning

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