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Developing a Framework of Leadership Strategies for Digital Age Learning





     Skrlb brainstorming



Common Ground activity



Reflection Handout



Strategy 1: Familiarize Yourself with Supporting Frameworks and Standards


     21st Century Skills


  • Characteristics of the MySpace generation
  • Skills employers want

o        Intel’s Visual Ranking Tool (Teacher ID: sjbrooksyoung)

o        Are They Really Ready to Work? Report

     The National Education Technology Standards


       Activity link


       Additional Resources


Strategy 2: Understand the Essential Conditions that Impact Implementation


    Intel’s Visual Ranking Tool (Teacher ID: sjbrooksyoung)

    Spheres of Concern, Influence, and Control


    Change or Die: Alan Deutschman


Strategy 3: Use Tools Designed for Observation of Technology-Supported Instruction


     Observation Tools


     Video links

          Ferryway Elementary School

          J.H. Hughes Elementary School

          Brookfield High School

          Clearfield High School


Additional Implementation Strategies


     Redesign Professional Development

     Take advantage of Online Tutorials

     Keep up with research (Pew Internet & American Life Project,

        2009 Horizon Report, Center for Public Education)

     Familiarize yourself with resources on sites like Edutopia. Be sure to check

        out Ten Tips for Teaching with New Media.


     21st Century Project: Evanston High School


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